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Understanding Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization services provide businesses with fully optimized web and landing pages that target a local customer base. Proven local SEO strategies are a big part of a quality internet marketing campaign. Therefore, companies who wish to target local Phoenix customers need web pages that rank high with the major search engines.

SEO Basics

Search engine optimization is the process of creating web and landing pages filled with quality content and rich keywords. When a customer enters specific keywords in a search engine such as Google, the engine begins a search looking for pages that meet the criteria for those specific keywords. Search engines use algorithms designed to identify quality pages with strong keywords and well-written content that is relevant to the initial search. If the content and keywords meet the criteria, the search engine delivers results pages, which are known throughout the internet marketing industry as SERPs, or search engine results pages.  Continue reading


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Local SEO Tips to Set You Up for Success

Google is always looking for ways to improve their search engine and bring the most relevant results to users. One of the ways they have done so is to factor in the location of users so that search results brought up by their search engine are all within the immediate area of the user.

Of course, this development in the world of search engines means your SEO campaign has to adapt to the guidelines of local search. This way, your business is one of the first few results web users see, helping you attract more customers. With that in mind, here are a few local SEO tips you can try:

Claim Your Profiles

Many web users rely on local listings like Yelp or Google Places to find local, nearby businesses. Go through these sites and see if you have a profile. If you do, claim it so you can link it back to your actual website and redirect traffic there. If you do not have a profile on these sites, create one.

Include Your Address

Nothing pinpoints the exact location of a business better than an accurate address. Include your full business address at the bottom of all your webpages, preferably as text instead of a picture. This allows search engine spiders to index your webpage and determine where your business is. As a result, web users in your city and from surrounding areas are more likely to find you online.

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In SEO, Patience is Key for Success

It’s completely warranted for most businesses to wonder why it usually takes a long time before the promised results of an effective SEO campaign begin to emerge. While it might be frustrating for most business owners, though, it’s important to accept the fact that patience (lots of it) is the only sure road to success in your SEO campaign.

There are many factors that contribute to how long it would take your SEO campaign to bear fruit. Among these are the age of your website, the frequency of updates, the content, and the link profile, to name just a few. However, unless you’ve introduced a unique product or service, you will need to consider how to get on equal ground with your competitors, something that will take time. If you’re a start-up business, you’ll have to go against established competitors, who would have spent more time than you in building quality websites and numerous links. Continue reading

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Localizing Your SEO Strategies

When people look for services through the Internet, they tend to prioritize options that are more accessible to them. Law firms, HVAC servicers, dental clinics, and other local establishments should therefore relate their messages and information to the nearby market. Here are some ways to effectively localize SEO for your business:

On-site optimization. You have to be meticulous about how you build and what you post in your website. Each page must contain the correct URL with keyword links that match the page’s content, meta title, meta description, and header tags. To raise the site’s rank in organic searches, the tags must be optimized. Continue reading

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Local Search Optimization and Building Credibility

It is a given that all business websites cannot live without some form of search engine optimization (SEO) in place. SEO allows a website to appear prominently in search engine results, which improves the site’s chances to attract considerable visitor traffic and convert them into customers. Even with SEO in place, however, a business’ website might not be suitable enough to attract consumers nearest to the company. Continue reading